What is the Carolina BrewHaHa exactly?
  We know Anderson, Clemson and the rest of the Upstate is filled with beer lovers, especially craft beer lovers. And with all the great beer around us in SC, NC, GA, FL and all over the country, it seems a shame not to celebrate it right here. So, we have put together this festival with a focus on good beer, sustainable food, great entertainment and an affinity for doing things locally. From sponsors to restaurants to music and amenities, we have done it local and want to keep that going year after year.  
Where is this awesome beer festival?
  Across the street from the Civic Center of Anderson is this awesome facility for recycling and events. Itís at the top of the hill and we will have a veritable tent city filled with beer, food, live music and much more. Oh, and if you just have a GPS, itís at 3024 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Anderson, SC.  
Can we bring in coolers or outside food and drink?
  Not really, no. There will be no coolers allowed at all. You also canít bring in outside food. And the only outside drink you can bring in is a water bottle filled with the H2O you will need to enjoy the day. In addition to the tasty choices available from our participating food vendors they will also be selling bottled water and soft drinks in the unlikely event you get tired of sampling beer.  
What about chairs, blankets and tents?
  Chairs and blankets, yes. Tents, absolutely not. We want you to be comfy, so chairs and blankets are needed, but tents block views and will not be allowed at the event.  
Can my dog, cat, turtle, mountain lion, kangaroo or other pet come too?
  While we love pets of all kinds, this isnít the place to bring them. You will not be allowed in if you bring a pet and you will be asked to leave if you try to sneak one in. Besides, they probably want the house to themselves for a few hours.  
How old do I have to be to get in?
  Ticket holders who are 21 and over are the only ones who will be allowed through. Of course, this is an adult-oriented event, but if you need to bring your young children along thatís fine. But if they are old enough to run off on their own and get in trouble, itís best you get a sitter for them.  
What if it rains?
  This is a rain or shine event. Shine is usually more fun, but even if it rains we will throw the party and go all day long. In other words, rain wonít dampen this party. OK, so it will dampen it literally, but not within our spirits.  
Can I leave and come back in?
  There will be no re-entry to the festival once you walk through the doors. Once you leave, you have left and we donít want to hear any whining about it.  
Where do I park if I drive to the event?
  To start, we encourage car pooling, shuttles from hotels and cab rides to and from the event. Of course, if you have a DD, you can park (for free this year) in designated areas that will be marked off of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and around the complex.  
If something comes up and I canít come after buying tickets, can I get a refund?
  Sorry, thatís a big negatory. We canít refund your tickets once you buy them, but there is little doubt you can find someone who will buy it off of you. Or give it as a gift to a friend for Labor Day. You will be a hero and someone will get to enjoy the afternoon of beer awesomeness.  
What does a "VIP" ticket get me?
  VIP tickets get you in the door at 1:00pm, one hour earlier than general admission ticket holders who are admitted at 2:00pm. You'll have extra time to scout out your favorite brewers, avoid long lines, and gain a bit of extra elbow room at the tasting tents. You will also have access to the exclusive VIP section. A private, fenced-in retreat where you can sample some rare beers and enjoy a nice, shaded area for you to enjoy your down time at the festival.  
Are there any designated driver tickets?
  Yes, there are. For anyone who doesnít want to drink but wants to enjoy the afternoon of live music and the chance to buy food from some great restaurants, you can get a ticket for $10. Keep in mind, however, that if you buy a DD ticket, you cannot drink a drop of beer. If you try to get a beer, drink a beer or use a glass at all as a designated driver ticket holder, you will be asked to leave without hesitation. And there will be no warnings.  
Where can I buy these tickets?
  You can get tickets right on this website or you can buy them in person at Thomas Creek Brewery/Greenville, Grape and Grains/Greenville, The Uptown Lounge/Anderson, Viva! il Vino/Anderson, Blue Marble Bakery/Seneca.There may be more retail ticket locations added in the near future, we will post them here and on our Facebook page when available.  
Where can I stay?
  We have several hotels nearby including Hometowne Suites, Holiday Inn, La Quinta, Hampton Inn and the Hilton Garden Inn. Visit the venue page for a complete listing and contact information.  
  Terms and Conditions of Ticket Sales
By purchasing tickets to the Carolina BrewHaHa, you agree to the following conditions:
ē You are at least 21 years of age.  ē All sales are final.  ē No refunds will be granted.  ē Event is held rain or shine.


Not Allowed


  ē Backpack
  ē Handheld Umbrella
  ē Folding Chairs/Stools
  ē Blankets
  ē Strollers

  ē No coolers
  ē No pets
  ē No frisbees, footballs
     or any other flying objects
  ē No tents

Note: Festival organizers, at their discretion, reserve the right to deny access to the event or to expel from the event anyone who jeopardizes the safety of festival attendees, event staff or themselves.

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